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They Could Never Be In Sales

One of my Sister-in Laws has a great personality, she is very comfortable engaging people in conversation with a very pleasant demeanor. She is intelligent and articulate and conversant in many different subjects. For years I have been telling her that she should be in sales. While it might be out of her comfort zone initially, she could adapt and beside the income potential is somewhat limitless with the right product and organization. My Sister-in Law does not agree with me, as I think she sees selling and the profession as some kind of less than respectable career. Why is that? I remember my Mother years ago when I told her that I had received my first sales job. Her response was that she

Do as I do, not Do as I say.

Salesforces across the country are made up of for the most part hard working professionals. Like in any job there are always a few outliers, looking for a quick buck, or to light up your smoke, but there is some place that they would rather be. Actually, that is a line from a Billy Joel song, but you get my drift. The vast majority selling today appreciate sales leadership that is honest, straightforward and has a little skin in the game. After all, if you cannot learn sales from those above you and then above them what is the real point in sales leadership. A basic tenet is that everyone in a sales organization that is in a sales role should be knowledgeable in sales and be able to conduct

Be an Adult and Hire One

The interview ended and everyone rose to their feet to shake the candidate’s hand and thank them for coming in. As soon as they had left the room, the manager turned to their colleagues and said, “Did you like her?” I am sure this process repeats itself many times over, in thousands of offices all over the country after an interview. We tend to hire people we like, and if this candidate was liked chances are, they moved onto the next round or even got the job. Likeability in sales is key but is it everything? Studies have shown that people talk to people they like. For a salesperson this is a great trait. It will get you in the door as conversation is the first step towards a sale. Without i

Buyers get to have their Cake and Eat it too!

When you talk to most businesses about accepting credit cards as a form of payment for B2B you can almost see the blood run from their faces as they get weak at the knees. It is a tough subject not for the meek in the Merchant sales profession. But, why is that? Does it have to be this way? It is fair to say that Buyers have taken advantage of a system that is froth with rewards of every kind such as cash back, airline points, hotel stays etc. These perks put the buyer in sort of a frenzy as to where they can maximize their return on spend. I do not blame them, hell I am guilty of it myself. First a buyer will usually negotiate a sweet deal with a supplier. This can include a generous term,

35 Floors in 45 Seconds

It had been months since any progress has been made with this particular prospect. I used to struggle a little as to whether I was ahead of the market readiness for my product or if in fact I was not doing such a great job getting business through my pipeline. In this case the Insurance industry was complex and where mergers and acquisitions created multiple billing systems of the legacy variety slowing the advancement of payment solutions for policyholders. So, when my prospect called and said they were ready to meet, to say the least it piqued my curiosity. Previous meeting with this prospect were shall we say “frosty”. The folks on the other side of the table for some reason were not so r


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