The World of Merchant Credit Acceptance is Complicated .
We Can Help You Uncomplicate the Complicated.
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Why Choose Us for your B2B Sales Training?

Guide2Interchange is a Full-Service B2B/B2C Sales Training & Consulting firm with expertise in

sales and sales training, as well as Bankcard Interchange, and Discount Rates. We can guide your

Sales Staff and Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) towards increasing sales through a

proven commonsensical approach that has generated over $200 Billion in sales. While we can

consult and train on all types of selling, our specialty is B2B/B2C Merchant Services. We provide

selling techniques and strategies that can be tailored to an organization's needs,

enhancing strengths, and taking advantage of market opportunities. 

Guide2Interchange helps Merchants and Credit Card acceptors identify actual costs and

implement strategies and practices to substantially reduce the Merchant costs

associated Interchange and Discount Rates. We provide you with information that will

make you an informed buyer and help you analyze what you are paying today, and why.

We do not sell Bank Card processing.

B2B Sales Training for Groups and Individuals

Indepdendent Sales Organization (ISO)

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Sales Training Benefits

  • Enhanced Selling Techniques

  • Financial Fluency

  • Positioning Statements

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Cold Calling Techniques

  • Issuer Opportunities

  • New Industry Development

  • Gaining Access

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Close Rates

  • Higher Volume Throughput 

Interchange & Discount Rate Benefits

  • CNP Elimination in Retail

  • Credit in Exchange for Term in B2B

  • Surcharging Options - Full Surcharge, Partial Surcharge, Flat Rate

  • Level 2 Data Setup to pass critical CPC Data to Lower Costs

  • Foreign Card

  • Statement Fees

  • Other Fees

  • Equipment Leases

  • Elimination of Bundled Pricing

  • Pass Through pricing

Financial Report
Analyzing your Merchant Account Statement is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Merchant Statement Analysis

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