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" The Best Cold Call Ever" 


Roger McNamara - Founder and CEO

Roger is a 25+ year veteran of the Payments Industry, most recently as the National Director of Business Development with American Express in the US. He has worked on the largest Acquisition targets for acceptance across multiple industries and the globe. Roger's sales skills and techniques are world-class, and he is an 8-time winner of the American Express pinnacle sales award that recognizes the top 1% of sales professionals. This is the most any individual salesperson has been awarded in the history of the company. His insight into selling to the B2B merchant is cutting edge, unique, and broken down into easily understandable segments that Merchant Services representatives can relate to. His selling technique and talk tracks have benefited hundreds of his colleagues in the training sessions that he provided on the strategy and techniques required to close more business and be more effective in front of the customer. He is an expert in payment processing, the rules and regulations associated with these payments, the related associations, and the networks. Roger is also an expert in analyzing Bank Card Statements, explaining Interchange, and removing the myths surrounding industry pricing.


Roger earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing Administration from the Dublin Institute of Technology and Certification in Leadership Excellence from Harvard Business School.

​Prior to founding Guide2Interchange, Roger's experience in corporate America led him to work with thousands of companies, many of them in the Fortune 1000 space. He has closed thousands of deals that have produced in excess of $200 Billion in volume. He was published by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal as having the "The Best Cold Call Ever" and continues to provide his knowledge and expertise about the B2B industry in articles and resources.

​Roger has written numerous Blogs that appear weekly via his website There you will see him tackle the tough subjects of Card Payments in the B2B Space, as well as other general training ideologies that he has put into practice during his career, while leading the most successful sales teams at American Express. His resume includes a who’s who of Industry with many firsts along the way, like bringing credit card acceptance to New York City Taxi, Coke Vending, and the largest Insurance Companies.

A sample of the industries worked with:

  • Communications 

  • Technology

  • Cruise Lines

  • Entertainment

  • Fractional Jet

  • Freight

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Oil & Gas

  • Residential Rent

  • Restaurants

  • QSR’s

  • Retail

  • Services

  • Supermarkets

  • Travel

  • Vehicle Sales

  • B2B Wholesale

  • Airlines.

  • Education

  • Publishing

  • Recurring Billing

  • Internet E-Commerce

  • Automotive

  • Consulting

  • Medical

  • Office Supply

  • Home Improvement

  • Furniture

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