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Business People Applauding

We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers

by providing customized, effective sales training that addresses

their business needs and sales challenges.

A sample of our clients:

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What our clients say about us

I struck gold when I decided to take Roger's B2B training class.....Get the toothpicks ready because you're going to have to glue your eyes open because of all of this opportunity. Absolute pleasure to have the information he taught to me in such a fun and engaging way. Roger was happy to answer any and all (and I asked a lot) of questions. He really makes sure you understand the points he is trying to drive home because he makes you see things differently and think about things in a very different way. I appreciate the fact that he was easy to schedule with and makes the entire process extremely easy. If you're in the B2B industry you NEED to take this training. If you're not in the B2B industry, you NEED to take this training.

Chris Capuano - Beacon Payments

"Thank you, Rog. Loved every minute of it and how comprehensive and complete of a training you've provided."

Travis Padilla - Strategy Payments

Your laser focus teaching and your “A" game, how you showed up, your professionalism and layout was excellent! It really flowed well.  

Vince Prouty - Card Payment Solutions

"I recently entered the payments space and wanted to go in a different direction than most so I took Roger's B2B training. I can't recommend the training and support enough. Every time I speak with Roger, he always says something that gives me another idea or angle to go out and implement. When it comes to his years of experience and results in the B2B space, he is "the guy" to turn to for B2B payments." 

Anthony Frye

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