Would you call you Back?

Sales organizations all over the country are getting back into full swing in 2021. Kick-off meetings have been held, probably via Zoom. Goals have been filtered down and some may have even attended a training session or two to refresh themselves on their selling skills and gain a little product knowledge to build out their sales prowess. 2020 for sure had its challenges but at the end of the day, we in sales are expected to figure out a way to be productive no matter what. Sales do not stop. it can’t, as I have said many times before it is the engine of every organization.

With the Increased challenges we face and the new environments we sometimes find ourselves selling into, we have to be at our very best, all the time. Every interaction we have with a prospect and customer is vital. In making sales calls, yes, we do get in certain cases to decide how we will contact our prospects. Before doing so there is one question, we should ask ourselves before we pick up that phone, send that e-mail or leave that voice mail. Would you call you back?

In contacting customers or prospects there has to be a stated purpose, not only for you but also for those on the other side. Sales is not a one-way street, it’s a two-lane highway we need to enter as soon as possible in the sales process. There has to be something that you offer, that they don’t have or are willing to change. Something that they potentially need that will have some economic benefit to their business after you provide it. The art is communicating that in your message to make it resonate and dwell in the mind of the prospect or customer so that they contact you back. In training sessions, I conduct, I very often hear from Sales professionals who want that magic phrase to get prospects to call them back. Sadly, there is none, each any every purpose statement is unique, delivered with the personality and tone of the individual salesperson.

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