Sorry, Not Sorry.

There is a popular commercial in the U.S for a rather yummy candy called Reese’s. For those of you that have indulged, you will know it is a tasty chocolate peanut butter cup delight, that tastes even better I think when it is frozen. No matter, their advertising campaign is memorable in that it has a person with a deep, kind of whimsical voice that says at the end, “Sorry, Not Sorry”. It is about trying the candy and not being a bit ashamed that you have done so. The phrase leaked over recently into a highly publicized incident when Tom Brady of the World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, decided to throw the Lombardi trophy to a fellow teammate on another boat, during their Super Bowl Boat Parade in Tampa. A family member of the creator of the trophy was aghast at such behavior and demanded an apology. The General Manager of the Buccaneers, responded as if he had just consumed a Reese’s, “Sorry, Not Sorry!”. That was pretty much the end of the controversy.

In sales, there are several tools we use to assist with our success. After all, sales are about getting that edge over your competition with some sort of information that could help you with your process. There are a variety of tools available but one I like, that is rather easy to use is LinkedIn. The tool has probably been around for 15 -20 years or so. Unfortunately, when I worked in Corporate America, I viewed it more so as a tool to use when I was looking for a job, rather than one to help me with my job. Shame on me. Don’t get me wrong, I used it plenty to get that edge, I am just not so sure I realized actually how valuable that was for my sales process.

This week I was working with some folks and the subject of LinkedIn came up. The group was not totally unanimous in the application as an effective sales tool. The subject arose, about searching someone you were about to meet and looking at their profile. For me, that seemed like an edge. I would want to always do this as a be