Sales Socialism never works.

For months I wondered where all the great sales leads were for my Team. Our Colleagues over on the other side of the business that generated the leads were telling us they were in overdrive; business was never so good. So, then where were all the leads? I have said this before in sales leadership we have a lot of the fox guarding the henhouse but not a lot of people looking at the fox, and that can be a problem. When leads that once flowed stop, well even the hens notice that.

Another reality of the sales profession is dealing with salespeople who are just not cutting it. It is a tough profession, that of high risk and high reward. It is a role of immense flexibility but with an understanding that getting the job done successfully is paramount for all, or is it? We know sales is hard, sales leadership is even harder because here you must make correct decisions on people’s performance, good and bad. I have always been open with folks that worked for me about the profession and the difficult decisions that sometimes need to be made. It is, and should never be personal, the bond between salesperson and sales leader should be deep but more importantly it should be realistic. Why? Because even on the toughest days a realistic, communicative relationship endures particularly when you deliver bad news.

There are many reasons why someone may flounder in sales. Some of those are external, where forces you have little control over can, infiltrate your salesperson and cause a decline. Divorce, Family, substance abuse are a few that you may have to deal with. There may even be some resources at your disposal so as to offer help to the individual, that they need. There can be internal reasons why someone is also floundering. The Job may have changed, and the skill sets required are not there any longer. They may have become complacent; they may even have gotten away with mediocrity and take it as the norm, or they may just have a leader that does not hold them accountable for their actions. Now this is not to say that someone who has fallen cannot get back up. Sure, they can, but they must demonstrate the willingness to do so with their actions and behavior’s. Everyone has a bit of bad luck in sales every now and again, no one who is working to the best of their ability has bad luck all the time.