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For Immediate Release: 11/3/2020

Lantana, Florida---- 11/3/2020. Today, a B2B Merchant Services Sales Training and Consulting business announced that it has formed a partnership with the leading publication in the merchant services industry, The Green Sheet. With this partnership, Founder and President, Roger McNamara will be writing for The Green Sheet community on a monthly basis on various B2B Merchant Services, Sales, and training topics. In addition, Roger will be added to the Advisory board of the Green Sheet, joining other leaders across the country in working with the publication.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the amazing people at The Green Sheet” said Roger McNamara, President of Guide2Interchange today. McNamara is a 27-year veteran of the credit processing industry having worked with American Express as the National Director of Business Development acquiring some of the largest targets for card acceptance and leading some of the most successful sales Teams to a combined total of $200 billion in sales. He hopes that his monthly articles will help educate the Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) and Proprietary Salesforces across the country on a diverse acquisitions strategy that includes B2B Suppliers, with a value-based proposition, techniques, and tools.

Kate Gillespie, President & CEO and Danielle Thorpe Vice President of Media Relations at The Green Sheet were key components in bringing this partnership to life after recognizing a gap that exists in their Industry for B2B Merchant Services Sales Training. The Green Sheet has always delivered value to its readers by publishing articles in the “Street Smarts” section of their site from other great Industry experts. They see the contributions from Roger McNamara and Guide2Interchange as an added value to their readers that can only assist them in being more successful in the B2B space.

In these challenging times, ISO’s are looking for every edge to ensure their success and grow residual income. The Partnership between The Green Sheet and Guide2Interchange will provide a resource to the ISO community as well as Proprietary Salesforces that will strengthen their knowledge base and re-establish their position as the leading acquisition choice for suppliers across the country.



Roger McNamara, President


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