How long do you have to make an Impression?

For many Salespeople, the first interaction or interchange happens via a telephone. Sure, there are other methods with which to make first contact with a prospect. We will explore those in future blogs but today phone will be King or Queen whichever you prefer. No doubt before you make your dial you will have made an investment in time to research your intended prospect and who may be answering on the other end. I always want to know a little bit about the person to be conversational and build a little rapport. Paramount are things like name pronunciation as nothing says salesperson better than a botched name. Additionally, you will have researched the company, their product or service in the about section of their website to give you a sense of who they are. Another turn off for me is when people ask me items, they should know or could know. The web has made that so easy to learn about your prospect from LinkedIn to Google there are no excuses not to know what you can.

In your preparation for your call you have to enter an unconscious state, because in the conscious state you will more than likely stumble across what you are thinking with your mouth than saying what you already know you need to say. In that 4-5 seconds the answerer on the other end of the telephone is already deciding on whether they should be talking to you. Running through their mind are 3 items:

1) Is this Person Sharp. Avoid the um’s, likes and you knows.

2) Is this person Enthusiastic. I cannot see them but are they excited or are they a bump on a log

3) Is this Person an Expert. Are they talking my language?