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Sales Socialism never works.

For months I wondered where all the great sales leads were for my Team. Our Colleagues over on the other side of the business that generated the leads were telling us they were in overdrive; business was never so good. So, then where were all the leads? I have said this before in sales leadership we have a lot of the fox guarding the henhouse but not a lot of people looking at the fox, and that can be a problem. When leads that once flowed stop, well even the hens notice that. Another reality of the sales profession is dealing with salespeople who are just not cutting it. It is a tough profession, that of high risk and high reward. It is a role of immense flexibility but with an understandin

Commonsensical Selling

Recently I was having a conversation with a Business Associate about a variety of items. Although we are not in the same Industry, they asked me what Sales Methodology, I promoted and taught in my training. What I said next, I think caused them great pause. I said I promote a Commonsensical approach. After the call, my mind reached back to all the Sales training sessions I had attended over the years and what seemed to be the latest fad at the time that had been bought into as an organization and what was presented to us. There were many. The first training I had recollection of was Consultative Selling, then came Value Based Selling and finally Challenger training. All had various elements

What about when……….

A few years back Staples came up with a very popular and genius marketing tool called the “Easy Button.” It was so successful that the advertising campaign spawned an in-store product to support the campaign of an actual Easy Button that you could buy and place on your desk in your office as a kind of a gimmick or gag. It was a bit of fun. Staples sold more than $7.5 M worth of the buttons across the country. The button represented for people a symbol to recognize the frustrations many businesses have with processes today and by contrast, how easy it is to do business with Staples. I for one loved the campaign although I never went as far as buying a button. Now that I am involved in Sales T


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