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The Fine Line between Confidence and Arrogance

I checked the figures over and over again with the same result, each time. The added up, so why was my leader not getting it. Despite weeks of work and valuable input from the client, I was meeting resistance from within my organization on the sale of the century. The deal had been years in the making, from an absolute no, to a willing participant in negotiations to an end of the road in sight. It is often said that the Internal sale is sometimes much harder than the external sale. For sure that was the case with this prospect as everyone who needed to be briefed on the deal terms seemed to be totally risk adverse despite the numbers adding up. I mean how could the sales guy come up with thi

Presentation version Conversation

15.3 Billion trees are cut down each year across the globe. I dare say a number of these wind up being used for business presentations that quickly make their way then to the paper shredder. You like me have probably sat through that massive deck or presentation; you know the one, 60 plus pages where your eyes gloss over at about page 6. It is also where the presenter is hell bent on getting through presentation in an hour. I once worked at a firm that was all about the presentation. The bigger the better. At one point we were taught to memorize it complete with specific page transitions. It was kind of a one solution fits all and we were delivering it whether you wanted to hear it or not. A

How long do you have to make an Impression?

For many Salespeople, the first interaction or interchange happens via a telephone. Sure, there are other methods with which to make first contact with a prospect. We will explore those in future blogs but today phone will be King or Queen whichever you prefer. No doubt before you make your dial you will have made an investment in time to research your intended prospect and who may be answering on the other end. I always want to know a little bit about the person to be conversational and build a little rapport. Paramount are things like name pronunciation as nothing says salesperson better than a botched name. Additionally, you will have researched the company, their product or service in th

B2B The Covid-19 Equalizer and Next Frontier

In February 2020, the U.S economy was booming, the horizon was clear, smooth sailing. By the end of March 2020, the economy had ground to a halt with restaurants closed, retailers shut and airlines grounding their expensive fleets and parking planes in the desert. Covid-19 had made its mark on our shores. Prior to Covid-19 roughly 2.5 Million people a day took to the skies in the U.S. On April 8th, 2020 just 97,130 travelers passed through the TSA Checkpoints, a 95% reduction from the same day a year earlier. Much the same as the reduction at the TSA Checkpoints, Merchant Services Providers, Representatives, and ISO’s across the country saw their book of business shrink as establishments clo


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