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Why Discount Rate is Relative to Average Ticket

Have you ever stood behind someone at a store or a gas station and they are paying for a package of gum using a piece of plastic? I occasionally see this and kind of scratch my head, it is almost as bad as seeing someone writing a check at the supermarket. Earth to person, nobody does that anymore, well at least the supermarket thing. As much as it annoys me it is really bad for the merchant in both cases. The use of Credit and Debit today in Business to Consumer situations is universal. It is hard to think of a place that does not accept some sort of plastic in the B2C world. From Quick Service Restaurants to your Taxes, you can make a payment on Debit or Credit Card. And even if the establ

Less Is More

The Printer in my virtual office was working overtime spitting out the multiple copies of the presentation for the next day’s meeting. It had been a long time in the making, years in fact of strong no’s and unanswered calls. The prospect had resisted our products and services for what seemed like an eternity and now at last I was going to get to meet the prospect. Not just any meeting I was getting the whole kit and kaboodle, CFO, Senior Vice President of Operations, Senior Vice President of Marketing, and others would be present for the hour. I was making sure that I had enough copies of the presentation, all 44 pages of it. I was not going to miss a trick. Now all I needed was for the prin

The Shortest Distance between two Points is a Straight Line

The Shortest Distance between two Points is a Straight Line Having spent my formidable years growing up in Ireland, I became use to the winding roads that are scattered throughout the country. If you have ever been there you know what I mean. It can be a little scary at night driving in the countryside on narrow windy roads. History tells us they are this way as they were born from walking paths through fields that eventually over time became roads. The roads like the Irish people themselves are not very direct. Don’t ever ask an Irishman for directions lol, it will take them an hour and 3 stories before you get what you need, if you ever get what you need. Additionally, when it comes to one

Can Credit Cards gain their place in the B2B Payments space?

Have you ever heard the expression……?” Trying to bang a square peg into a round hole?” The thought of it conjures up several images. First, it is probably not the most effective strategy. If the peg does not fit, then why are you banging it into the hole in the first place. Secondly, if you have a big enough hammer and use enough strength, chances are you can get some of the peg through the hole. The latter method unlike the former will be a little messy, probably with bits of the peg scattered everywhere and leaving the person doing all the work a little sweaty and tired. This whole process that I described reminds me a little bit of the current Credit Card offering in the B2B Payments spac


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