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Alternative to the B2B Term

In the B2B supplier world offering Term to a buyer cannot co-exist with the offering of credit cards as a form of payment. Now there’s a bold statement. Unfortunately, it cannot exist where you will have a 100% happy merchant supplier where acceptance is open and willing. If it does then at the very least, it doubles the cost of collecting the receivable. If you were the supplier, ask yourself this one question. Why would you want to finance the receivable for the Term and then agree to bear the cost of accepting a piece of plastic at the end of that term or even later? The simple answer is you would not. It is a losing proposition. There is however one notable exception, that of a payment o

Term: Why do B2B Suppliers want to be Banks?

Term: Why do B2B Suppliers want to be Banks? B2B Suppliers have been offering their buyers Terms for goods and services purchased as a standard business practice for decades. It is common for buyers to expect suppliers to offer this in order to do business together. Term takes many different forms but the most common are 30/60/90 days. You will sometimes see a shorter term of Net 10 for a 1% or 2% Discount. This is sometimes offered to increase cash flow and reduce exposure a business gives by offering longer term. However, it is a massive tell about the supplier as it tells what the cost tolerance for collecting cash faster actually is. In the end it is all a bit of a game with every busine

Sales Training- Not just the dreaded Role Play

Sales Training- Not just the dreaded Role Play Often at the end of a Sales Training meeting there would be time allocated for Role Plays with fellow colleagues. I always dreaded these as I always saw it as a test in artificial conditions to try and test what I was supposed to have learned. I can see folks now breaking off into pairs, spreading out across a conference room in some hotel somewhere. When we started to video tape these and play them back, I would always cringe. The seller would be so staccato in their delivery and the buyer would be unrealistically easy or hard depending on their rank in the organization. If you are in sales no doubt this has a familiar ring to it. In the back o


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